What We Do

Digging for information

Omur focus is on qualitative research and planning to inform the strategic and creative development of brands and brand communications.

We are collaborative team players, working closely with our clients. We team up with like-minded experts in other fields, including quantitative research, videography and semiotics, often approaching issues from a range of perspectives.

We design research to take your ideas further,  with clear, thoughtful and actionable recommendations.

our areas of expertise are:

  • consumer insight
  • brand strategy development
  • communications strategy development
  • concept development
  • creative development (for advertising, design and other communications)
  • new product development
  • idea generation and development
  • advertising and design planning

we use and invent a range of methodologies:

  • ethnography (experiential and observational)
  • video diaries
  • range of online tools including forums, blogs and uploading film & photos - typically alongside offline
  • workshops (from brand stretch to challenging insights)
  • iterative approaches to develop ideas further
  • co-creation (democratising brand relationships)
  • quantitative research ¬†
  • group discussions & depths, classic and innovative¬†